#TipTuesday – Twitter Tips!

Get tweeting

If you’re not already on Twitter, grab your name, brand or persona. Mine is @hollypicano. If you can’t get your own name, go after your passion or function. Choose something that fits you and your business.


Learn Twitter terminology.

When you repost something from another user, it’s a Retweet or RT. Topics discussed by many users is considered a TT or Trending Topic. You can Favorite a Tweet by clicking on the heart icon, and this is a great way to recognize someone for sharing your content. Mention: A Mention is the act of tagging another, and this mention will trigger a notification making this a “social” engagement. Direct Message: A private message between you and one of your followers is considered a DM or Direct Message.


You’ll want to define your purpose.

Are you on Twitter to keep up with news or communicate your brand? If you are wanting to build your brand, think about your target audience and who you could reach out to via Twitter. Tweet, Direct Message and engage with others that have an interest in your brand and what you have to offer.


How many times should you post?

Twitter is one social media tool where you can post several times of day without the worry of becoming a nuisance. Twitter news is distributed and read through so quickly that posting 5-6 times a day or even more, is considered completely acceptable.


Target Influencers:

The three attributes that are most important are relevance, reach and resonance. Follow companies and influencers that are like-minded, begin to engage by simply retweeting their posts which resonate with you. This will give you an easier entrance into a two-way conversation in the future.


Use Images:

According to a study of Promoted Tweets from SMB advertisers conducted by Twitter, the tweets with images generated 313% more engagement than those without.


Have any other questions about using Twitter? Let me know!

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