Inbound Marketing

You may have heard the new buzz term “inbound marketing,” but not sure exactly what it is… inbound marketing has replaced boring over-priced traditional marketing. ┬áThis is marketing in the digital age, with techniques that allow you to speak directly to your intended audience. With inbound marketing there’s no chasing customers, they come to you.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is performed to rank your website higher on search engines. Your site is first analyzed to see what changes can be made to optimize the site for search engine results. Then, based on initial analysis, changes are made and the site is analyzed monthly to capture a snapshot of the change in the site’s performance. It’s all about increasing profit without working harder.

PR and Brand Awareness

Super-charge your brand by creating brand awareness with a strategy that incorporates a Public Relations plan and measuring sentiment on Social Media channels. This includes local partnerships, freebies, social media contests, and podcasts representing your brand.


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Local Visibility Campaigns

Local visibility campaigns can be created to ensure your local business ranks higher on search engines by using a combination of Local SEO techniques to make sure you are found on Google Maps and Google Places. This is extremely important for brick and mortar businesses that rely on their customers visiting their physical locations to purchase products or conduct business in person.

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