Mobile Marketing Best Practices

Most businesses now need to focus on mobile marketing as one of their marketing channels.  This is a must in today’s rapidly changing world, where individuals are viewing products online through various channels and even purchasing items through their phones.

First Step to Going Mobile

According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), “90% of people move between multiple screens and devices to accomplish a goal.”  Because of this high level of mobile phone use to accomplish daily tasks and goals, companies need to make certain their websites are fully functional on mobile phones.  Being mobile friendly is a must, and there are mobile platforms, applications and tactics to make marketing possible.

The first step is to check the website for mobile capability and if you’re blocked by robots.  If you or your webmaster do not have a lot of control over this within your current website builder, I may make the recommendation to switch to a different website builder, where it will be easier to view the site’s code and be able to add, delete or edit the existing code on the company’s website for more creative freedom.


Key Points for Going Mobile

  1. Notify search engine when page is formatted for mobile.
  2. Keep resources crawlable.
  3. Avoid frustrations for mobile visitors, such as videos that will not play.

Notifying search engines helps mobile searchers find your site and making sure bots have access to your pages is critical in helping your potential customers find your site. Once the potential customers are on your mobile friendly site, keeping them interested is critical and this is why it is important that the mobile friendly version of the site is simple and fast to upload.

Go Mobile or Die

According to an open forum on for small business owners, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites and demotes those who aren’t (Akitunde, 2015).  There are many reasons to go mobile, but this might be the biggest reason of all.  Google will actually demote your page ranking for not being mobile.




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